Gro Intelligence Data Update: Improved Evapotranspiration Datasets from FEWS NET Now Available to All Gro Users

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Created by FEWS NET, the new version 5 (v5) dataset will provide even more accurate data with their enhanced algorithm which helps to evaluate the water loss in the atmosphere from land surfaces and plants. Benefits of the new algorithm include:

Improved performance in coastal areas

Better model inputs, particularly for clouds and temperature

Subject matter expert approval 

The v5 datasets include data for both Evapotranspiration and Evapotranspiration Anomalies. You can view what these datasets look like in our sample display here.

We at Gro highly recommend switching to v5 datasets as your preferred Evapotranspiration and Evapotranspiration Anomalies data source. Both v4 and v5 provide the same monthly coverage from 2003-2021, but v4 no longer produces new data as of June 30, 2021.

Evapotranspiration datasets are an integral part of monitoring agricultural and drought conditions. Satellite imagery is combined with auxiliary data to provide measurements of water loss via evaporation and transpiration in plants with complex models.

When you search for Evapotranspiration or Evapotranspiration Anomalies in Gro’s web portal, the v5 dataset is chosen as a default, though you can switch back to v4 via the source drop-down if desired.

For easy comparison, below is a chart of available data given the two datasets: 

The values between v4 and v5 differ, and we do not recommend using the two versions interchangeably. We are in the process of incorporating the v5 datasets into all of our models at Gro, including the Gro Drought Index (GDI).

Note that our Potential Evapotranspiration dataset uses a different algorithm, and it is unchanged.


For further reading about the v5 model, see the paper:

Senay, G.B.; Kagone, S.; Velpuri, N.M. Operational Global Actual Evapotranspiration: Development, Evaluation, and Dissemination. Sensors 2020, 20, 1915.
available at


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