How To Use Gro's 'Top 5' Feature

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When selecting your data series to create a chart in Gro, we have made a variety of features available to make your analysis more effective. One of these is Gro’s Top 5. This feature allows you to identify the Top 5 items (such as crops) for your metric and regions selection, or the Top 5 countries for your metric and items selection. Top 5 works with Exports, Imports, Domestic Consumption, Production, Area Harvested, and Yield metrics, and is calculated based on the total value over the entire selected time range.

You can create your desired chart using the Top 5 feature by following the steps in the video below.


As part of our vision to make agricultural data accessible to all, we are excited to announce that our data platform, Gro, is now available completely free of charge! To create your free Gro account go to our website and sign up, or simply click here.

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