How to Use Gro's Embed Charts Feature

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Gro's Embed Charts feature allows Gro Premium users to choose from any of Gro's 55 million data series and add customized content to their documents and presentations. Users can share their work online, making it interactive and always up to date. Embedded charts can only be edited by the users who originally created them, using their Gro account. 

Note that Gro's embedded charts don't contain beacons or any other tracking technologies.  Just high-quality content. 

Image dimensions 

Chart size default: 640px * 600px.

Minimum chart size: 386px * 516px.

You can configure your chart dimensions to fit your document. 

To learn how to use the feature follow the steps below

First, you will need to define your display-sharing settings as "Public": Click on the "Share" button at the top right corner of your dashboard. In the pop-up window, select "On - Public on the web" and click "Done." 


Next, open the drop-down menu of the chart you would like to share, and click on "Export"--> "Embed Chart." 


Use the pop-up window to name your chart. You can also choose whether to include Gro’s logo or not. Once you are done click on "Copy Code." You can embed the code in any html doc you are working on. 

You're all set. From now on, any changes you make to the chart in your Gro account will be automatically reflected anywhere you shared the chart.

To stop sharing a chart, simply change the display-sharing settings from "Public" to private: Click on the “Share” button at the top right corner of your dashboard. Select "Off - only you." As long as the display is private, any charts that were shared in the past will no longer be visible online by anyone other than you. 


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