How to Export Images Directly Into Your Analyses

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With Gro's Export Image feature, Gro Premium users can choose any of Gro's 55 million data series and add customizable content to their documents and presentations. Simply log into your Gro account and start exporting. Select the charts you’d like to export, choose image size, title, and file format, and get a high-resolution image downloaded to your device. 

Image dimensions

4:3 (1600px by 1200px)

16:9 (1600px by 900px)

You can configure your chart dimensions to fit your document.

To learn how to use the feature follow the steps below

First, you will need to open the drop-down menu of the chart you would like to export, which is located on the top-right corner of your chart, and click on "Export"--> "Image."




Use the pop-up window to select your image size and file format (png, jpeg), and to name your chart. Once you are done click on "Export Image" to download the image.






You can now incorporate your high-resolution image in your presentations and documents.



We hope you find this information useful. Log into your Gro account and start exporting.

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