How to Add Valuable Descriptive Statistics to Your Data Visualizations

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When visualizing data series in Gro, you can now include descriptive statistics that add valuable perspective to the data to enrich your analysis. These statistics are shown in the chart below along with directions on how to use this feature. 

The new descriptive statistics include:

  • Current date value
  • Last year value, same date
  • Max: the maximal value for that date in the selected time range for the data series
  • Min: the minimal value for that date in the selected time range for the data series
  • Average: the average value for that date in the selected time range for the data series

The sample chart below shows recent readings of NDVI, an indicator of vegetative health, in Iowa, US, and Cordoba, Argentina. Hover over the different points in the chart to see the respective descriptive statistics or click here to copy the chart and interact with it in Gro.


To learn how to use the feature follow the steps below

When creating your chart in Gro, after selecting your desired data series, open the configuration tab in the Add/Edit Data Series window and turn Stack by time period and Show descriptive statistics on.  


We hope you find this information useful. Log into your Gro account and start creating powerful analyses.

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