How to Access Gro’s Models and Forecasts

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Gro has developed expertise in combining geospatial and ground-based data to create effective and robust models on a wide range of subjects, geographies, and environmental conditions. Our yield models include US corn, Argentina soybeans, Black Sea wheat, India wheat, and more.

Gro Yield Models

To access Gro Yield Models log into your Gro account, open the Gro Curated Displays tab located on the left-hand side of your dashboard, and type "yield model" in the search bar. You'll see a list of pre-made displays we created containing different yield forecasts. Clicking on any of the displays will open it in a new tab, where you will be able to copy it to your account and edit it as you wish.

View the video below that shows how to find pre-made displays in your Gro account.


Creating Your Own Chart Containing Gro Yield Models and Forecasts

Another way to access our models is by creating a new chart and choosing the yield estimate you would like to see. Follow the instructions below to learn how to create a new chart in Gro.

First, click on "Add New Chart." 

In the Add Data Series pop-up window, use the search bar to type (or select from the tabs below it) "Yield." Once you select the exact type of yield measure you'd like to use, type and select your choice of crop/s and region/s. When you're done click on “Save Changes.” 




Note that you can select the source you'd like to use to visualize the data series you've created. If you don't make a selection, Gro will select the optimal source to compute the data series you've defined. 



Once you click on "Save Changes" a new chart will be added to your display.


You can also view the video below that summarizes the chart creation flow.


 Gro Balance Sheet

Gro's Balance Sheets is a tabular presentation of supply and demand balances for major commodities in many of the most significant countries around the world. Using Gro's Balance Sheets provides an in-depth view of our yield and production estimates. To use Gro's Balance Sheet log into your Gro account, create a new chart, and type “Balance Sheet” in the Add Data Series search bar. Click here to learn more about how to use Gro’s Balance Sheets. 

We hope you find this information useful. To access all of Gro models and forecasts simply log into your Gro account and search for your desired models.




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