How to Access Gro Crop Forecast at Noon EST Today

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Gro intelligence has been offering free subscriptions to our web app since shortly after the US government shutdown began. Interested users can go to to access all of Gro’s data, including predictive-model outputs free of charge.

Due to the USDA’s announcement that it will delay releasing its World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) report for January, Gro plans to provide to the public its own version of the report, which will be available on the company’s data platform at noon EST today.

You can sign-up for free by visiting , and get instant access to our data platform and crop forecasts. Once you create your Gro account, you will be able to view our library of pre-made Supply and Demand curated displays, by following the instructions below.

On the left-hand side of your dashboard you will see a navigation bar. Hovering over each icon in the navigation bar will present the icon's name. The second icon from the top is the Gro Curated Displays icon.

Clicking on the Gro Curated Displays icon will open a library of Gro pre-made displays.

Once in the Gro Curated Displays library, type "Gro Supply & Demand" in the search bar at the top to see all relevant displays.

Clicking on your desired display will open the display in a new window.

Clicking on "Copy to my account" will copy the display into your Gro account, so you can view and edit the display as you wish.

We hope you will find our product useful. If you have any suggestions for more data you would like to see, or any other feedback, please contact ushere .

While we continue to hope that the US government shutdown will end soon, Gro remains committed to providing access for all of you who rely on the government’s agricultural data. If you haven't signed up yet, use this link to open a free account to Gro’s database.

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