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Gro is happy to announce that our Prevent Plant forecast models for both US corn and soybeans are live. This year, we have enhanced the models with the addition of rainfall forecasts from NOAA’s Global Forecast System (GFS) on top of the realized and historical weather used in the models.

Gro’s models, which include inputs such as planting progress, soil moisture, rainfall, and soil characteristics, performed very well in their inaugural year. The models’ prevent-plant acreage forecast in 2019 differed from the USDA FSA survey-derived estimate by just 5%. In addition, the Gro models issued reliable forecasts weeks ahead of the FSA’s releasing its official prevent-plant data. We hope that the additions and adjustments that we make will further improve performance this year for our API users.

Planting progress is currently ahead of the historical average in most states for both corn and soybeans, but there are a few regions where significant area might be prevented from planting if the weather doesn’t cooperate. North Dakota, Missouri, and Ohio are behind the normal planting pace and Nebraska just experienced some heavy rainfall in the last few days.

Click on the link below to stay up to date on Gro’s latest prediction for Prevent Plant—available exclusively to our Enterprise customers.

Gro Prevent Plant Model

Gro web app users can monitor many of the inputs to the model through Gro’s curated display section.

US Corn Prevent Plant Monitor

US Soybean Prevent Plant Monitor

Reach out to us at if you have questions related to the model outputs or if you would like to obtain access via our API.

Below are images of the Prevent Plant forecast models output for both US corn and soybeans.

sample image desc
sample image desc
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