Gro Intelligence Selected as a Technology Pioneer by World Economic Forum

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As climate change, uncertain demand, and growing populations impact all levels of our ecological and economic systems, every company, organization, and country increasingly needs an interconnected set of data. 

"Information is critical infrastructure for companies and organizations of all sizes," our CEO Sara Menker has said. “If you think about so many of the world’s challenges today, it’s about this tension between ecological preservation and economic growth. That tension doesn’t need to be there, and I’m hoping that one of the things that we do is find a way to reconcile that.”

This week, Gro Intelligence was named as one of the World Economic Forum’s Technology Pioneers. Choosing among hundreds of candidates, Gro’s AI-powered, decision-making platform was singled out because it allows companies and countries to see around the corner to prepare for what’s next across climate, agriculture, and the economy.

The Gro team continues to expand its data and analytics to enable companies and governments to improve their confidence in decision-making. Models built around climate impact and physical asset risk, planning ahead for supply risk, and Gro’s sophisticated analytics allow for improved short-term planning or long-term forecasting. We support a growing number of organizations in their decision-making and are expanding to work with all types of teams and workflows as we tackle climate change and food security.

As an example, the Gro Drought Index (below) is layered into agricultural forecasts for better visibility and higher confidence in an increasingly changing climate.

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Thank you to the World Economic Forum for supporting this infrastructure as we all work to get honest answers to these challenging questions.

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