Gro Suspends Paywall to Data Platform During Government Shutdown

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We are pleased to announce that Gro Intelligence is offering free subscriptions to the Gro data platform until the US government shutdown ends. Interested users can go to and access and download all of the data you need until the government fully re-opens.

The shutdown has stopped the flow of new government agricultural and climate data and has removed many historical databases from public websites. This has deprived markets of reliable information from the USDA about production, demand, and trade estimates on US and global agriculture, which is often published long before many other countries’ statistics agencies report their own numbers. NOAA’s open and accessible global climate database and its associated APIs have also been shut down.

Gro Intelligence has access to many of the US government’s back-end data feeds and has stored all of the historical data. We are sharing that data, along with all global data and models in our platform, with the world. Users can access free-of-charge any of the over 35 million data series and 400 trillion data points available in Gro. These include robust data sets on global agricultural supply, demand, and trade flows, as well as macroeconomic, demographic, climatological, environmental, and market data across all major geographies and crops. The data comes from many government agencies worldwide as well as other public institutions, trade groups, exchanges, satellites, weather stations, and academic research. The data we’re making available also includes Gro’s proprietary derived data series and predictive models.

Part of our mission at Gro Intelligence is to democratize the world's agricultural data. Modern-day agricultural markets suffer from a severe lack of accessibility, as most relevant information is locked up in a small number of privately held organizations that dominate the world's agricultural supply chains. That is why we have built one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive agricultural data platforms. We have also been planning to eventually make sizable portions of that data platform free to the public, even after the US government shutdown ends. Further announcements about our open-access product will be coming in early 2019.

While we hope that the US government shutdown will end soon, Gro remains committed to providing access for all of you who rely on the government’s agricultural data. Open a free account to Gro’s database at In the meantime, best wishes for all of you in 2019. May it be a year of abundant joy, happiness, and high quality data!

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