Gro Intelligence Is Named to Time's Inaugural List of the 100 Most Influential Companies

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Building the AI-powered decision engine across climate, agriculture, and the economy, Gro Intelligence was named to the Time 100 Most Influential Companies

In the article, our CEO Sara Menker talks about how our team has built a platform that allows organizations, across varied sectors, make more efficient and effective decisions that impact their strategic and financial planning. 

"[Gro Intelligence and Menker are] 'creating the first real clean global data set on climate,' says Gary Cohn, a former president of Goldman Sachs, who has a deep background in commodities trading. 'What Bloomberg did for bonds [aggregating all available information in one place], she is trying to do for climate,' says Cohn."

Menker Time 100 Companies Cover

Image: Time Magazine 100 Most Influential Companies 


The Gro team continues to expand its offering to enable companies and governments to: 

Answer key questions regarding climate change and food security 

Plan ahead for supply chain shifts

Improve the confidence of models around climate impact, including physical asset risk

Utilize Gro’s sophisticated analytics for short-term planning or long-term forecasting

Many companies have teams and technology devoted to these questions, but not yet the ability to stay ahead of changing times, volatile climate, and uncertain demand. Our clients find our domain expertise and analytical frameworks improve their competitive positioning and help them chart paths forward across multiple scenarios.

“If you think about so many of the world’s challenges today, it’s about this tension between ecological preservation and economic growth,” CEO Sara Menker says. “That tension doesn’t need to be there, and I’m hoping that one of the things that we do is find a way to reconcile that.” 

As we expand the ability of the Gro Platform to support all types of teams and workflows, we continue to work with more groups in their decision making:

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