Gro Assembles COVID-19 Monitoring Kit to Track Impact on Agriculture

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The coronavirus outbreak has disrupted global shipping and consumer demand at a time when the agricultural economy is already facing a series of major supply shocks. These events together have the potential to generate ripple effects through the broader macroeconomy for some time to come. In response, Gro has assembled a COVID-19 Monitoring Kit that provides near real-time insight into this dynamic situation.

The tool kit includes a collection of displays in Gro and insights from our analyst team, which are free to all users, as well as predictive models and data series only accessible through the Gro API (those displays will show "no data" if you don't have the appropriate permissions). Please contact us at to request API access. Links to all displays and insights can be found in this article, and displays can be found by searching Gro. Simply log in, visit Gro Curated Displays (in the left navigation bar) and search for “Coronavirus” or “COVID-19."

Gro’s COVID-19 Monitoring Kit contains four main sets of tools—for supply forecasting, monitoring trade and inventory, tracking prices, and understanding the situation in China. Together, these four perspectives provide a forward-looking picture of the situation.

Click here for a full description of the Gro COVID-19 Monitoring Kit.

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