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Often when trying to address physical climate risk in agriculture, the hardest part of getting started is knowing where to begin.

With this in mind, Gro Intelligence has launched the Climate Risk Navigator for Agriculture to discover and explore the risks and opportunities that climate change poses to their current and future operations and business plans.  This new global application puts a county-level lens on how climate change will impact more than 30 major crops out through the 22nd century. 

The Climate Risk Navigator for Agriculture helps growers, procurement teams, input suppliers, government agents, ag lenders, and other ag-connected professionals produce bespoke physical climate risk assessments weighted by location and crop.

Climate Risk Navigator for Agriculture is sorted into six exploratory topic “tabs” on its dashboard; it includes tabs for growing conditions, daily weather, long-term climate, Gro indices, and Gro projection indices, as well as a summary tab, and each of these tabs feature charts weighted to the county and crop profile that a user selects. 

For inputs, Climate Risk Navigator for Agriculture relies on both Gro derived data and other data sources: 

Users can download Climate Risk Navigator for Agriculture data to examine past climate change impacts and to analyze how future climate events might impact supplies, prices, and strategic initiatives. With this application, users can also screen for the most important Gro data series and download that data into a CSV file.

For example, a procurement team can use the Climate Risk Navigator for Agriculture’s outputs to get a short, medium, or long-term overview of future climate risk exposures in different sourcing regions. Government or NGO agents, meanwhile, can use the Climate Risk Navigator for Agriculture while assessing the food security implications of climate change, and ag bank lenders can use it to assess collateral value.  

To learn more about how the Climate Risk Navigator for Agriculture can inform your physical climate risk assessments or if you would like a demo, please contact the sales team at support@gro-intelligence.com.

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