Complete Data Revision History Now Available

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Gro offers an ever expanding library of over 100 customizable models and modeling frameworks from global sources, enabling users to apply the latest advances in machine learning to their strategies and to view multiple data sources in one location.

Current and historical data are both vital when building predictive financial models. Access to a data source’s complete history of data records is essential for backtesting models and the trading strategies built off them. 

Ultimately, richer data feeding predictive analytics supports improved predictive ability and therefore potentially saves money. 

A few of Gro’s data sources, such as CONAB and ESR, regularly revise their data, but accessing historical revisions can be extremely difficult . As Gro continually harvests source data, we are constantly compiling historical data records that capture revisions that might otherwise be missed or inaccessible. 

Gro now offers full access to this complete history of reported values from all of the data sources that we cover. Our historical data also includes revisions that aren’t yet officially reported by a given  source. 

This update means that our API users can now tap into a pool of data sources that cannot be found elsewhere. 

To take advantage of this new feature, which is now live, Enterprise users must :

1) Update your groclient, if you have not done so recently by either

a) With pip: pip install --upgrade groclient

b) With Anaconda: condate update groclient

2) Add ‘complete_history’: True to any get_data_points call as shown below

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