Chinese Customs Data Is Now Available on the Gro Platform

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Gro is pleased to announce that Chinese customs data is now available on the Gro platform to select API clients. Of all the forms of agricultural data published by the Chinese government, customs data is considered the most precise, and provides an early indication of likely revisions to USDA estimates of Chinese trade and consumption.


For instance, on July 10th, the USDA adjusted its forecast for China’s pork imports in 2020 from 3.85 million tonnes to 4.4 million tonnes. The adjustment of 0.9 million tonnes is significant, representing almost 10% of global annual trade in pork. The trend was clearly captured in Chinese customs data months before the USDA’s announcement. 


Customs data is reported 15 days after the calendar month ends (i.e., figures for August are released on Sept. 15), and Gro has customs data for about 100 different agriculture commodities and products on our platform including soft commodities, oilseeds, grains, livestock, produce, feed supplements and agriculture inputs. The data set is also one of the few to include information on the import of aquaculture products. 


Because Chinese customs data is both granular and reliable, it allows users to:

  • Adjust China’s balance sheet and gain insight into real levels of consumption
  • Forecast next year’s imports
  • Understand seasonality and the competitiveness of different exporters
  • Understand trade flows between China and smaller trading partners


Click here to view Chinese customs data on Gro (please note - if your account does not yet have the necessary permissions, you will see a message saying the data is not accessible).

Chinese customs data is a key component of any attempt to build a complete picture of China’s agricultural markets. Please email if you would like access.

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