2021 US Corn and Soybean Outlook from Gro Intelligence and DTN

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The global corn market will be exceptionally tight this year unless US corn yields are above trend. Gro Intelligence and DTN are partnering again to provide a comprehensive view of the US corn and soybean crops. Over the week of August 9, we will bring a field-level view from the DTN team and the regional, global, and climate view from the Gro Platform.

2021 Gro Yield Model

The Gro Corn Yield Model has been updated for the 2021 growing season. Each season the Gro team improves the stability of our yield model and tests new sources to hone accuracy, while the machine-learning model itself is continuously improving. The 2021 yield model includes:

  • The addition of the Gro Drought Index which improves accuracy
  • Improved feature selection to allow daily adjustment of input importance
  • Daily in-season forecasts on a county, state, and national basis
  • Now utilizes 15 sources and incorporates over 100 features including static features on soil properties and temporal ones like vegetation health and weather forecasts

Like all Gro models, the industry-leading US Corn Yield Model is built by our team of data scientists, agronomists, and industry experts. It is continually updated throughout the growing season, providing the latest yield forecast more accurately and weeks ahead of USDA estimates.

Read the full spec here and sign up for a free account to test it. 

2021 Gro and DTN Digital Yield Tour

Gro and DTN are partnering again this year to bring you the 2021 Digital Yield Tour, a week-long assessment of conditions and yields in key growing areas prior to the US 2021 harvest. The Digital Yield Tour is powered by Gro’s US Corn and US Soy Yield Models. Gro’s US Corn Yield Model has been updated this year and now includes our Gro Drought Index as a feature.

In addition to our yield models, the tour leverages the environmental data available on the Gro Platform, including near real-time indicators of vegetation health and other factors that can affect crop yields. Gro’s interconnected datasets also extend beyond climate, environmental, and weather data to allow our users to see around the corner to prepare for upcoming seasons and make long-term forecasts, incorporating the long-term effects of severe drought.

Webinar: US Corn Outlook, Brazil's Upcoming Season, and the Long-Term Impact of Drought

Strong US corn yields will be vital to build back US corn stocks this year, but risk has already increased due to dry conditions in the Western Corn Belt and Northern Plains of the US. Surging import demand from China and poor production prospects out of Brazil, the world’s No. 2 corn exporter, place greater emphasis on the US achieving above-trend yields.  

In this live presentation and Q&A, Gro Intelligence’s Research Analysts will present Gro’s yield model forecast ahead of the USDA’s first surveyed yields estimates for the year. They will also discuss expectations for the coming growing season in Brazil and the impact of the ongoing drought on next season's production.

Launching Gro Corn Alerts Service

Gro is launching alerts to enable our users to see changes to the US corn and soybean outlook and yield estimates as they come. Beginning August 10, get weekly notifications on market-moving events sent right to your inbox.

Please sign up for a free account to test Gro's Corn Alerts Service or contact us to learn more.

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