Land Suitability Ranking

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Gro’s Land Suitability Ranking identifies areas of the globe that are well suited to grow a given crop outdoors without sophisticated irrigation. Gro’s algorithm uses a combination of soil property and climate data to identify the districts that are most similar to the highest yielding region (seed region) in the world and ranks them according to similarity. This allows procurement teams to diversify their supply chains across different regions as well as examine how existing sourcing regions compare with the rankings.

Customers use this application to 

  • Inform sourcing decisions by finding the most suitable land for a given crop or region
  • Identify patterns related to climate change and assess long-term climate risks
  • Find alternative sourcing areas for key ingredients/commodities that are grown in concentrated areas or areas at high risk to climate change

Why It Matters

This application allows Gro users to find the most well-suited region to grow a given crop and invest in those regions. Conversely, the model can also be used to identify the most well-suited crops to grow in a region. It also enables procurement and sustainability teams to engage in long-term planning. 

Land suitability can also be applied to long-range sustainability and climate change analysis when combined with the long-range climate scenarios. The model can be used with any crop for which Gro has yield data at the district level.  

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