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Commodities Tracker pairs powerfully predictive crop and climate analysis with an actionable metric of risk to help procurement teams act quickly, negotiate effectively, and procure agricultural supply at a profit.

Procurement teams use this application to:

  • Monitor the climate and growing conditions strongly correlated to changes in crop supply
  • Anticipate price movement by understanding what creates and increases supply risk
  • Know when to act using Gro’s Supply Risk Level – a unique risk signal that forecasts forward supply risk over the next 6 months

Why This Matters

Food and beverage companies need to secure agricultural supply at a profit to grow margins and market share. This mandate is more challenging than ever due to the increased frequency and severity of climate events, supply shortages, and ongoing disruption in the supply chain. Procurement leaders need objective, easy-to-use analysis to understand ever-changing crop growing conditions and navigate a volatile market where suppliers often have an edge.

Despite this critical need, agricultural and climate data is complex, fragmented, and lacking valuable context. Trusted data and expert advice are often limited to a small set of ingredients. As a result, effective procurement methods and meaningful results are hard to track and standardize.

Commodities Tracker offers access to a curated set of crop and climate metrics critical for procurement teams, including climate patterns and commodity prices paired alongside important historical context. With a proven track record of accurately predicting market movements and a team of 50+ data scientist and domain experts, Gro Intelligence is uniquely positioned to deliver trusted analysis that drives the standardization of data-driven and profitable procurement decisions.


Use Risk Tracker to analyze and compare supply risk and corresponding supply risk levels for major producing/exporting countries of a given crop. This feature displays the critical climate and environmental factors that may be influencing and driving supply risk for a given crop and country.

Gro's Supply Risk Level provides an easy-to-understand outlook of the forward supply risk potential over the next 6 months – low, medium, or high.

To dig deeper, Crop Insights displays relevant market price and environmental data expected to influence the supply and price of a given commodity. Toggle through contextual data and insights such as price, climate, and forecasted yield for the selected crop and region.

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