Climate Risk Navigator for Agriculture

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The Climate Risk Navigator for Agriculture gives a quick and up-to-date overview of weather and climate projections for over 40 major crops, for anywhere in the world.  This application connects historical weather data, current and near term forecasts, climate projections, and proprietary Gro Climate Indicators such as drought and flood.

Types Of Data Available Within The Navigator

  • Historical weather and growing conditions: NDVI, Soil Moisture, GPM aggregated precipitation
  • Current and near-term forecasts: GFS temperature and precipitation, Satellite land surface temperature
  • Gro Climate projections: Projected data to 2100 for five climate scenarios (such as SSP1-1.9 and SSP5-8.5), including key variables such as temperature and precipitation. Data is sourced from multiple CMIP6-contributing labs and bias-adjusted to improve decision-usefulness. Users are able to view projected point estimates as well as standard deviations.
  • Gro Climate Indicators (GCI): GCI - Drought Index, GCI - Weather Variability, GCI - Observed Flood, and more are in development

Customers Use This Application to

  • Aggregate weather and climate data for custom selections of countries, states, or districts - combining only regions of interest to create a single decision-useful data series.
  • Compare anomalous weather events to previous years, in order to investigate supply and demand reactions.
  • Mitigate uncertainty of supply and plan for alternative sourcing locations, by connecting 20 years of historical data to projections out to 2100.

Why It Matters

The Climate Risk Navigator for Agriculture allows Gro users to evaluate and compare crop growing conditions anywhere in the world, in real time and on a historical basis. 

This application can instantly generate crop/location-weighted analyses in a matter of seconds, or be used to compare differences between counties within a region selected. This data can be viewed alongside other Gro data sources such as prices, stocks, and plantings.

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