Humanitarian and Crisis Response

Working with humanitarian agencies to tackle and respond to global food crises

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Responding to global food crises

Gro Intelligence is committed to efforts that create transparency and data in response to the current unprecedented set of interlocking challenges. Our newly launched Food Security Tracker: Africa is part of our response to the global food crisis and enables organizations to monitor food security across Africa.

Gro responds to global humanitarian food crises in four main ways

Extensive modeling and data for the public good

Partner with foundations, multilateral organizations, governments to make extensive modeling and data available for the public good

Provide specific toolkits to address crises

Pull together resources, data, and analytics to help teams navigate the impact of crises on global ag markets

Expertise on the impact of food crises

Provide expertise and knowledge to organizations to inform decision making regarding global food security crises

Free platform access via Gro For Good

In certain circumstances, Gro provides platform access at no cost to individuals working on humanitarian and research topics

Example use case: Tracking food security across Africa

Food Security Tracker: Africa

Gro’s Food Security Tracker for Africa interactive tool tracks food security across Africa. By leveraging the unique power of the Gro platform, this tool provides estimates on supply and demand for major commodities. It is free for all to use.

Example use case: Tracking the impact of global fertilizer shortages

Global Fertilizer Impact Monitor

In the wake of the Russia-Ukraine war, various sources have aimed to explain the extent to which fertilizer supply shortages will affect global agricultural production. The Global Fertilizer Impact Monitor is an interactive tool designed to help quantify the range of potential outcomes. It is free for all to use.

Global Fertilizer Impact Monitor

Example use case: Toolkits to address crises

Food Security Risk Management Toolkit

Given the unprecedented supply shocks brought on by the Russia-Ukraine war, Gro put together a resources page to help teams navigate the impact on global agricultural markets. Our Food Security Risk Management Toolkit offers daily tracking of and global context on Black Sea supply disruptions across grains, fertilizer, and vegetable oils. Gro also provides up-to-date insights from our industry experts on the most recent impacts of the Russia-Ukraine war.

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