Food Security Platforms

Working with governments to ensure national food security

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Supporting national food security

A food security platform can serve as a single source of truth and an early warning hub that provides up-to-date information, insights, and analysis across the value chain. It can predict future price and supply shocks and promotes proactive, evidence-based decision making across all audiences to guarantee the food security of our partners and ensure national strategic reserves.

Gro's approach to monitoring food security involves four elements

Extensive data and analytics

Gro’s vast amount of data allows us to provide current analytics around all major crops and products imported and exported by our partners


Run scenarios to aid key short-, medium-, and long-term food security decisions

Decision making tools

Gro provides tools that help leadership make decisions related to food security, sustainability, and food safety based on data and analytics

Automated alerts

Gro provides automated alerts that help inform when new information can change current assumptions

Gro’s food security platform is built on three principles


Built on innovative technology

  • Built on the latest (proven) advances in e.g. Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Machine-Learning

  • Built on over 40,000+ external data sets, 60 million Gro-derived data series, and more than 650 trillion data points

  • Takes short-, medium-, and long-term views (e.g., through including climate and future supply and demand scenarios)

  • Accessible across all levels of stakeholders

Subject matter expertise

Informed by world-class experts on the interconnected nature of the global agricultural supply chain

  • Built on Gro's unique in-house analyst team featuring agronomists, commodity experts, climate scientists, and more

  • Takes into account unique circumstances and is built around the priorities

Transparency, objectivity

Built transparently and objectively to provide a single source of truth

  • Provides independent and verifiable fact-based information to leaders

  • The methodology behind the insights generated by the platform should be fully transparent — this should not be a “black box”

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