Monitoring food security and forecasting supply and price across industries

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Short- and long-term decision-making

Gro connects to teams of all types for short and long-term decision-making, in-season monitoring, and climate risk assessments. We also work with the public sector to monitor global food security and the effects of climate change.

The Gro lifecycle

Gro's comprehensive analytics and curated displays enable confident decision-making throughout each stage of the lifecycle.

Gro Lifecycle
Forecast planting intentions before the season begins with Gro's Planting Intentions Model.

Customer use case

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Predict price moves with supply, demand, and stocks-to-use

Supply, demand, and trade determine a country's stocks-to-use and are key drivers of price. Gro's Global Balance Sheets provide a complete understanding of the dynamics of the market to enable more effective forecasting around supply and price.

Leverage complementary models

Yield Forecast Models

Forecast crop availability such as corn, soy, or wheat for regions around the world by monitoring Gro's daily updating yield estimates.

Soybean Crush Forecast Models

Monitor monthly and annual crushing data to forecast soybean crush availability, which impacts soybean and soybean oil prices globally.

Stocks-to-Use vs. Price

Gauge tightness of available crop supplies and how that might impact price.

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