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Gro’s 2024 Watchlist: Global Climate Risk in the Year Ahead

Discover Gro’s 2024 Watchlist: 3 Forces Shaping Global Climate Risk in the Year Ahead. Read More

2023 Performance Report

Gro predicted crop yields months ahead of end-of-season reports averaging 92%-99% accuracy against final government reporting. Read more.

Gro’s 2024 Watchlist: 7 Major Themes for Agriculture in the Year Ahead

Read more about Gro's forecasts for the Top 7 major themes for global agricultural markets in 2024.

Gro Intelligence’s analytics provide valuable and actionable insights across agriculture, climate, and the economy.

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Gro is the story of what on Earth is going on

We illuminate the interrelationships between the Earth's ecology and the global economy, so you can develop a holistic understanding of how your end-to-end business is impacted - and act on these insights. Curated by human intelligence and scaled through artificial intelligence, our system is built to give you the honest answers to your specific situation.

Food & Beverage

Optimize your supply chain and align to future scenarios

Seed and Fertilizer

Plan for marketing strategies around changing conditions

Financial Institutions

Manage risk and trade with a longer, more confident view

Public Sector

Monitor local and global food security and understand the effects of climate change

Grocery and Retail

Procure in the right regions, at the right price


Forecast global grain movements across short- and long-term use cases

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Inspiring confidence to get to the honest answer

Gro analytics and indices make agricultural, climate, and economic data actionable.

Working with customers to:

Build sustainable supply chains

Evaluate similar regions for sourcing today and in future climate scenarios

Plan for margin impact

Map historical and present availability and prices to chart impact

Procure and trade with confidence

See inputs and methodology to build your own forecasts

Mitigate risk

See around the corner, managing risks with a longer time horizon

Map food availability

Use changes in balance sheets and climate scenarios to plan for access

Monitor food security

Track the drivers of food insecurity to plan for national reserves or aid responses

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